Goal Analysis or Priority Setting

If you are involved in an Ag-Production operation or if you are married; then you are automatically involved in a family operation. If you are not married, but have an Ag-Production partnership with a family member, then that too qualifies as a family operation. When there is a partnership of any kind then there is the possibility of goal conflicts, and it becomes necessary to prioritize goals.

Goal Evaluation and Priority Setting

Goal evaluation and priority setting is intended for use by those who do not want to use goal analysis, but are willing to invest a reasonable amount of time, thought, and discussion in priority setting. This approach is effective if there are a large number of goals, and only a few goal conflicts.

Judgment Priority Setting

Judgment priority setting is what most people use because it is easiest. There are usually no goal conflicts. It is used when a person is not willing to actually set goals, but instead prefers to use judgment calls, or is “flying by the seat of his pants” to get by.