Simple Answers for Your Simple Questions

Yes, there is. The cost is $200.00 for the first person and an additional $100.00 for each additional person (partner) in your partnership. The partnership discount only applies when signing up at the same time. We will accommodate up to 6 people (5 partners plus you). Be aware that in order to receive a certificate of completion and credit, each partner must also complete all coursework.
You have 1 calendar year to complete the course (12 months). You may opt to take longer than 12 months, of course. However, be aware that if you take longer than 12 months to complete the course, you will have to submit an additional $200.00 in order to receive credit and your certificate.
No. There are no refunds nor can the fee be transferred to someone else.
You have 12 calendar months to complete the course with the new fee. Should you take longer than this, you will have to again submit another $200.00 fee. All the rules still apply. No transfers and no refunds.
You may start on the course. We will notify your county officer that you have enrolled and we will contact them again when you complete the course. Thank you for enrolling with us! We know you have many choices! We hope you are benefitted by our courses!
Yes. Absolutely! We use PayPal to process our online payments. You may use an existing PayPal account or process your payment this one time as a guest.
Of course you may! Our address is located at the bottom of each page and can easily found on our Contact page.
No, you do not have to create an account with PayPal in order to pay us online. PayPal is a widely accepted and trusted online payment portal and enables us to accept credit and debit cards. It will allow you to pay us as a guest without an actual PayPal account. You just need an email address.