How you decide to divide each quadrant is completely up to how you perceive each area in your life. This exercise is strictly for your information. How you divide the wants area of your life, again, is totally up to you. But they must have a balance for you to be successful. Mark the chart according to how you decided each area applies to you. Then evaluate the wheel. Decide whether there is a good balance or if there is an area which requires some work. Do not be afraid to admit there is a problem area. There is no shame in admitting to a mistake or a problem. But there is shame in finding the mistake or problem area and then not doing anything to rectify that situation.Life-people-business-relationships all have one thing in common. They are all going one of two ways. But they are all going one way at a time. They are getting better or they are not. So, be active in each given situation to make it be a growing one that is becoming more productive. This applies to business as well as to personal relationships and situations.