Some people have referred to this as the “green monster.” Others have not heard of the booklet at all. Still others have heard of it and look at it as a great tool. Let me share with you again. My folks farmed many many years ago. There was a project that came out after World War I and was part of the New Deal installed by President Roosevelt. My folks had a very active part in that project. Many “plots” of farmland were simply given for the taking. This was an attempt to help things get back on a more even keel. In a small community called Ropesville, TX my folks had 260 acres of land that they homesteaded. Mother recalls keeping records in their record book. The amount of monies that they took in whether it was in egg sales or when she cooked for the hands that came to help them gather the crops had to be journaled. *9) Are we having fun yet?* These records had to be kept on a week-to-week basis. Then they were balanced on a monthly basis and any extra cash had to be shown where those funds were spent, i.e. gas, clothes, towels, sheets, etc. She did not have a clue as to what all that would turn into and how all those many items would be looked at today. Things have changed over the last decades, but it has been really recently that the FSA record book has changed so much. The areas are all still basically as they have been for years, but the methodologies have been what has changed.