Make sure you have already filled out the registration form!  If you haven’t:

  1. Navigate to the Registration Form found on this page.
  2. Complete the Registration Form.
  3. Continue with the course.

If you would prefer to register through mail, click the print form button on the registration page and send the completed form and the required fee ($200.00 per individual and $100.00 for each additional partner) to:
Mi’ Casa Enterprises
c/o Karen Harlan
PO Box 1475
Seagraves, TX 79359

Upon receipt of the Registration Form and fee, I will send a notification to your County FSA office informing them of your enrollment in my financial management class.

Periodically throughout the instruction materials, you’ll find a random phrase denoted by a number and *. Make a note of these phrases as you’ll be required to send them to me in a test at the end of the reading. For example, *1) The cat is black.*  This example would be the answer to #1 on the cyber sentences exam.  These phrases are hidden throughout the entire course and glossary.  Please read everything and find these phrases!

Under the Exams for Course Completion portion each form must be completed (either online or by print and returned to Mi’ Casa Enterprises) for grading.
When all the work has been received and is correct the State office will then be notified along with the County office of your completion of the internet class requirements as per their mandate. You will then be mailed the Completion Certificate along with the graded pages.

Should you have any questions – please let me know.