• Upon completion of this course, the borrower shall be able to:
  • a) describe the specific goals of the business, describe what changes are required to attain the business goals, and outline how these changes will occur using present and projected enterprise budgets.
  • b) maintain and utilize a financial management information system which includes financial and production records, a household budget, a statement of financial conditions, and an accrual adjusted income statement. The borrower shall also be able to use this system when making financial and production decisions.
  • c) understand and utilize an income statement. Specifically, the borrower should understand the structure and major components of an income statement and its role in analyzing the performance of a business. Be familiar with the cash and accrual methods of determining the net farm income and understand the relationship between a balance sheet and an income statement.

This seminar is presented by Mi’ Casa Enterprises and has been set up to comply with the stated Congressional mandate for curriculum as stipulated in the FSA manual.

Completion is mandatory to make the most of the material presented. There will be some type of contact, and paperwork at the completion of the seminar. A grade will be given to each participant at the completion of the seminar and a certificate that signifies that he or she has met all the requirements at outlined in the FSA manual.

An evaluation form of the class and the instructors or the state office will be required at the completion of this seminar. Any suggestions will be welcomed to help make the next session more enjoyable and easier to follow.