Please chart the 10-day exercise from the previous page as a percentage that you discovered in the chart below. Be realistic and see what areas need improvement in your life’s pie.

In order to achieve work success, it is important to define what success means to you. Is it money, prestige, land clear and free, or personal achievements? Or is it doing what you want to do for as long as you would like to be able to do? It has been said that success is “loving your work”. Who better loves what they do than we, the agricultural community?

How did your pie chart turn out? Are you satisfied with what you found? Whether you choose to change is completely up to you! Are you afraid of failure? You know, if you commit yourself to goals for change, then you can measure your progress or realize your shortfalls. Sometimes that reality check is very painful.


PRIORITIES— a noun . . . A thing that is regarded as more important than another. The fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important. The right to take precedence or to proceed before others.

Setting priorities requires thought and planning. The first step is to list the things that are most important in one’s life, and then rank them in order of importance. Sounds simple!? Remember it takes energy and planning to prioritize.

We will see an example in Jim on how things didn’t go quite as he planned.